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Sugatsune America,Inc. is manufacturer and distributor stainless steel drawer slides, stainless steel hinges, latches, lid stays, handles, folding door hardware, cabinet hardware,etc

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201 n Top View *Top view shows mounting position of hardware in case of depth of installation space is min. 25 mm (1"). If the dimention is between 20 mm and 25 mm, please move damper 25 mm away from hinge side. Then please use screw hole C and Extra hole to install damper instead of screw hole B. n Side View n Front View n View from Below Please take the following precautions when considering this hardware for your application: • For interior use at room temperature (32~104°F, 0~40°C) only-not intended for use under high winds, high temperature or humidity, or where the hardware may get wet. • Do not intentionally slam door shut-effectiveness may decrease over time if door is closed more strongly than necessary on a regular basis. • Closing performance may vary depending on door latch bolt. • If being used at the entrance of a room where air cannot move freely (vault, cellar, etc.), the ambient air pressure may affect the closing speed and power of the hardware. • After installation and during normal use, please check the fasteners and hardware on a regular basis. SPACER FOR LDD-S • Do not hang on/hang anything on the arm as it may damage the hardware. • Please read the installation instructions included with the hardware fully before installation. LDD-S-P • Spacer to install LDD-S counter plate (P. 200, sold separately) on uneven door surfaces, such as those on panel doors. • Available in 2 mm (1/16") and 3 mm (1/8") thicknesses. Mix and match spacers for varying thicknesses. • Spacers still allow micro adjustments to be made for the main unit. • Please confirm difference between the face of the door panel, etc. Item No. LDD-S-P2 BL LDD-S-P3 BL A 2 mm ( 1/16" ) 3 mm ( 1/ 8" ) Weight (g) 1.8 2.8 Box (pcs) 100 Carton (pcs) 1000 Material ABS 1-800-562-5267 (U.S.A. Only) Color Black DOOR ACCESSORIES LAPCON DOOR DAMPERS

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