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Sugatsune America,Inc. is manufacturer and distributor stainless steel drawer slides, stainless steel hinges, latches, lid stays, handles, folding door hardware, cabinet hardware,etc

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238 DETENT HINGE HG-YJ50 • Plastic hinge holds doors at 4 different positions (90°each) without secondary support. • Ivory or Black available. • Door sizes: Max. W400 ×:H500:mm/pair (W15-3/4" ×: 19-11/16" /pair) • Door weight: Max.1.2 kg/pair (2.6 lbs/pair) ×4 Holds at 4 positions, 90° each. Item No. HG-YJ50/IV HG-YJ50/BL Catch Release Torque (kgf·cm) Weight (g) 5 (4.3 lbs·in) 30 Box (pcs) Carton (pcs) 20 200 No. DETENT HINGE Part Name Body Hinge Pin Cap Material Polyacetal 303 Stainless Steel Polypropylene Color Ivory/Black Plain Ivory/Black HG-YC105 • Snaps in at 115° open position. • Holds doors open without secondary support. Installation Item No. HG-YC105 Catch Release Torque (kgf·cm) 12 (10.4 lbs·in) Weight (g) 122 Box (pcs) 10 Carton (pcs) 100 Material 304 Stainless Steel 1-800-562-5267 (U.S.A. Only) Finish Polished HINGES DETENT HINGES

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