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Sugatsune America,Inc. is manufacturer and distributor stainless steel drawer slides, stainless steel hinges, latches, lid stays, handles, folding door hardware, cabinet hardware,etc

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451 HEAVY DUTY SHELF STANDARD SPHL-1820 • Heavy duty shelf standard. • Easy height adjustment for changing shelf level. • Shelf support options (sold separately): SPHL-25 SPHL-30 Surface Mount Mortise Mount Installation Item No. SPHL-1820 SHELF SUPPORT Weight (g) 500 Box (pcs) 30 9 P.659 Material 304 Stainless Steel 80 kg 176 lbs Finish Satin SPHL-25 • Shelf support for SPHL-1820. Item No. SPHL-25 Load Capacity (kg) 80 (176 lbs)/4pcs Weight (g) 11 Box (pcs) 200 HEAVY DUTY SHELF SUPPORT Carton (pcs) 1200 Material 304 Stainless Steel 120 kg 264 lbs Finish Satin SPHL-30 • Shelf support for SPHL-1820. • Rubber pad prevents glass shelf from sliding. • Shelf support is friction retention type. Installation Material Item No. SPHL-30 Load Capacity (kg) 120 (264 lbs)/4pcs Weight (g) 12.3 Box (pcs) 100 Carton (pcs) 1000 304 Stainless Steel Elastomer (U.S.A. Only) Finish/Color Satin Black 1-800-562-5267 SHELF & SUPPORT HARDWARE HEAVY DUTY SHELF STANDARDS / SHELF SUPPORTS

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