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Sugatsune America,Inc. is manufacturer and distributor stainless steel drawer slides, stainless steel hinges, latches, lid stays, handles, folding door hardware, cabinet hardware,etc

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LOCKS GLASS DOOR LOCKS 577 INTERCHANGEABLE CYLINDER KEY MD-N1 • Cylinder and key set for 1830, 6830 and 1330GL locks. • Interchangeable feature allows easy cylinder replacement in case key is lost. • Up to 7,800 key changes available. (750 key changes per master key.) • Keyed Alike (KA) or Keyed Different (KD) available. Please specify when ordering. Item No. MD-N1 Component Weight (g) Box (pcs) Carton (pcs) Cylinder Key 21 12 12 60 Component Cylinder Key Material 304 Stainless Steel/Zinc Alloy Brass/ABS INTERCHANGEABLE CYLINDER KEY Finish Polished/Yellow Zinc Chromate Nickel/Black MD-MK1, K1 • MD-MK1 - Master key for easy key management. • MD-K1 - Key to remove existing cylinder only. Does NOT open lock. Item No. MD-MK1 MD-K1 Key Type Master Key Change Key GLASS DOOR CAM LOCK Weight (g) 12 Box (pcs) 1 Carton (pcs) 10 2.7×13 Material Brass/ABS Finish/Color Nickel/Black 1330GL-MK • Glass door cam lock with interchangeable cylinder. (Please see page P.578 for details.) • Cylinder can be changed by using change key MD-K1. • Easy to replace cylinder in case key is lost. Note: Cylinder housing only. Interchangeable Cylinder MD-N1 must be ordered for a complete assembly. • Up to 6,500 key changes available. (750 key changes per master key.) 1330GL-MK/GA 1330GL-MK/DN Cut Out Dimension (2-9/32 ) (2-9/32 ) (2-9/32 ) No. ➁ ➂ Part Name ➀ Cylinder Housing Front Ring Front Plate ➃ Large Hex Nut ➄ Small Hex Nut ➅ ➆ ➇ ➈ Washer Case Cover Ring Cam Item No. 1330GL-MK/GA 1330GL-MK/DN (2-9/32 ) Glass Thickness (mm) 5~10 (3/16"~3/8") Finish Gold (GA) Satin Nickel (DN) ➉ Counterplate Weight (g) 130 Polypropylene 304 Stainless Steel Box (pcs) 12 (U.S.A. Only) Steel Master Key, Interchangeable Cylinder, Interchangeable Cylinder Key are sold separately. Material Zinc Alloy Brass 304 Stainless Steel Finish Satin Nickel (DN)/Gold (GA) Satin Nickel (DN)/Gold Yellow Zinc Chromate Chromate Black Polished Carton (pcs) 60 1-800-562-5267

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