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Sugatsune America,Inc. is manufacturer and distributor stainless steel drawer slides, stainless steel hinges, latches, lid stays, handles, folding door hardware, cabinet hardware,etc

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24 NON-MAGNETIC TOUCH LATCH 2.7×13 2.4×10 MC-28 • Push to latch / unlatch. • Touch latch with fl oating strike allows for easy alignment. • Note: For overlay door, allow 3mm (1/8") gap between door and cabinet frame for push space. Pulling door with excessive force without unlatching the unit may damage the mechanism. Constant loading of over 3kgf or excessive pushing or pulling is not recommended. Item No. MC-28/BLK Retaining Force (kg) Weight (g) 3 (6.6 lbs) 15 Box (pcs) 50 NON-MAGNETIC TOUCH LATCH Carton (pcs) 500 Material ABS Color Black PR-21P/BLK • Push to latch / unlatch. • Strong retaining force. No. Part Name Housing Slide Arm Item No. PR-21P/BLK Retaining Force (kg) Weight (g) 10 (22 lbs) 16.3 Box (pcs) 100 NON-MAGNETIC TOUCH LATCH Carton (pcs) 800 ➀ ➁ ➂ ➃ ➄ Yoke Strike Material ABS Polyacetal Steel Finish/Color Black Brown GB Chromate PR-3PK • Push to latch / unlatch. • Thin design is ideal for tight spaces. Recommended Strike Dimension Item No. PR-3PK Weight (g) 2.5 Box (pcs) 400 Carton (pcs) 4000 Cut Out Dimensions Material ABS 1-888-557-5267 (U.S.A. Only) Installation Color Black CATCHES & LATCHES NON-MAGNETIC TOUCH LATCHES

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